Cuisine: Cinnamon

Bajan Rum Punch

One of sour, Two of sweet, Three of strong, and Four of weak is the rhyme Bajan's use to mix a rum punch.

Shenandoah Cyd Car

This recipe comes to us from our friends who manage The Cocktail Artist blog. We met them at a Virginia Spirits event in Washington, DC. Inspired by the stunning Shenendoah Valley, they crafted their version of the classic "Side Car" with spirits from two Virginia distilleries: Catoctin Creek, Vitae Spirits Distillery.

Sin-amon Espresso

A sweet and seasonal alternative to sambuca. Use double espresso vodka for a more intense flavor.

Apple Pie Whiskey

Holiday in a glass!

Apple Pie Martini or Hot Apple Pie

Super simple and versatile. Just 3 ingredients. Serve hot or cold, with or without the booze.

Cinnamon Whiskey KISS

Stay away from brands with sketchy ingredients! Make your own - all natural - Cinnamon Whiskey with a trusted brand of whiskey. Add a dash of hot sauce if you can stand the heat.

Glühwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

For a holiday punch that will warm your belly: hot red wine spiced with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and fresh orange.


Why limit applesauce to one fruit? Pears pair well with cinnamon too! Serve warm as an accompaniment to pork chops, or enjoy it chilled with cottage cheese and sliced almonds (as a light snack) or by itself, as a dessert.

Cinnamon Pear Gin Fizz

Perfect for brunch! A refreshing alternative to the standard Mimosas and Bellinis.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Get your mugs ready! This one is sure to provide warmth on a cold evening. Hot chocolate, with vanilla, peppery-hot cinnamon – and of course, tequila!

Iced Coffee Old Fashioned

Iced Coffee Old-Fashioned

A festive boost to iced coffee: adorned with a subtle blend of chocolate, cinnamon, & orange, and fortified with bourbon.

Extra Spicy Ginger Ale

Hot, sweet, spicy, soothing... delicious!

Cinnamon Cider KISS

Cinnamon Cider KISS

A sip of Autumn: This drink is as healthy as it is refreshing. Enjoy it hot or cold as an alternative to hot chocolate and coffee. Make it by the pitcher!

Autumn KISS Toddy

Autumn KISS Toddy

Warm yourself up with these cold weather flavors: apples, pomegranate, cinnamon, & orange!

Whipped Cream KISS

Sinfully delicious as a topping for lattes, fresh fruit, and other desserts. Make this with your favorite flavor of Keep It Simple Syrup. Top fresh berries with spearmint cream, and pumpkin pie with cinnamon cream. De-lish!

Cinnamon Whiskey-Glazed Molasses Cookies

Delicious holiday cookies with a kick… and a KISS. The aroma itself makes it worth the effort!

Roasted Butternet Squash with Sweet Cinnamon

Roasted Butternut Squash with Sweet Cinnamon

A KISS of cinnamon enhances the sweetness of roasted butternut squash. For a fall stunner, year-round, try it with sweet potatoes too!

Cinnamon Latte

Much tastier than the popular coffeehouse version, and completely free of artificial additives.