Frequently Asked Questions

What is simple syrup?

Simple syrup is liquid sugar. It is made by dissolving real sugar in water so it mixes easily with beverages. It is also a staple bar ingredient, used in countless cocktail recipes.

How is simple syrup different than other syrups?

Most flavoring syrups start out as water combined with any number of substances (such as imitation sugar) to make them sweet. Simple syrup starts out as sugar — real sugar — combined with water to make it liquid.

How is simple syrup used?

Countless cocktails use simple syrup as a mixer to offset any harsh flavors in other ingredients. No bar is well-stocked without it. As a sweetener, simple syrup also mixes well with non-alcoholic beverages. It adds real sugar without the need to stir until the sugar dissolves.

What does “infused” mean?

An infusion is a liquid such as hot tea, in which botanicals have been steeped to extract their true flavor. Keep It Simple Syrup is infused with spearmint leaves, genuine cassia cinnamon sticks, ginger slices, and lemon zest – the most flavorful part of the fruit – to capture their flavor, aroma, and color.

Why cinnamon, ginger, lemon zest, and spearmint?

These are just a few of our favorite botanicals. We believe these flavors are both popular and versatile, making them highly useful in beverages, cocktails, savory dishes and desserts. There are plenty more we would like to add to the mix. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Click the “Contact” tab above, and send us your thoughts!

Our Sugar Cane KISS is simply an infusion of pure cane sugar in boiling water. Many recipes call for simple syrup, but do not require the addition of the flavors listed above. This product is our most versatile.

What gives Keep It Simple Syrup its golden color?

While unflavored simple syrup is clear, Spearmint-infused Keep It Simple Syrup is made with spearmint leaves, which contain chlorophyll — the natural element in all plants that makes their leaves green. By infusing flavor from spearmint leaves, Keep It Simple Syrup takes on its authentic, golden color. Some products try to mask this with artificial coloring or by using artificial flavors that are clear.

Similarly, Cinnamon-infused Keep It Simple Syrup has a rich, honey-brown hue which is completely attributed to our process of steeping genuine cinnamon pieces. We have no need for artificial colors; our ingredients provide colors that speak for themselves.

Our Ginger-infused syrup is slightly cloudy – that’s evidence of a genuine ingredient. Ginger is a rhizome i.e., a an underground stem, and rhizome extracts are characteristically cloudy.

Similarly, you’ll probably notice a bit of oil at the top of our Lemon Zest-infused syrup. You may need to shake the bottle well before using. No worries: Lemon Zest, while containing the most flavor, also contains oil. The extract is not 100% water soluble, but it’s perfectly safe and natural, and it sure tastes (and smells!) delicious!