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CranGinger Shine

A simply wonderful blend of iced tea, cranberry moonshine, and ginger. Steep fresh cranberries in moonshine (or unflaored vodka) to make your own 'shine!

Love Bites

Vodka with apéritif, generally served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, enhanced by tart lemon juice, sweet simple syrup, and an egg white fizz.

Mango Ricotta Parfait

Here's a tropical dessert that adapts seasonally. Garnish with a sprig of mint during spring/summer. Try a dash of spice or sprinkle of pomegranate seeds during fall/winter. Cognac & ginger syrup adds warmth.

Cozy Toddy

Perfect fireside companion, along with a blanket and good company! Relax with the flavors of cognac, rum, and lemon.

Pisco Sour

Both Chile and Peru claim the classic Pisco Sour as their own. Egg whites give it a lovely froth. Make the traditional version with pure sugar cane syrup, or amp up the citrus flavor with our Lemon Zest KISS.


Enjoy the taste of summer in Peru by preparing this simple cocktail made with Pisco (grape brandy).


The Caipirihna, Brazil's most well-known cocktail, is made with fresh lime wedges, sugar, & cachaça, a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice.

Shenandoah Cyd Car

This recipe comes to us from our friends who manage The Cocktail Artist blog. We met them at a Virginia Spirits event in Washington, DC. Inspired by the stunning Shenendoah Valley, they crafted their version of the classic "Side Car" with spirits from two Virginia distilleries: Catoctin Creek, Vitae Spirits Distillery.

Tyrion Lannister KISS

Tyrion Lannister KISS

Inspired by the 'Games of Thrones' character and a cocktail named in his honor, our recipe for this little shot is a bit more simple to make, and just as yummy! (Recipe makes 8 shots)

Ginger Champagne Sparkler

Toast in the New Year (or any special occasion) with a sweet KISS of spicy ginger and vodka in your flute! Great for brunch, too.

Apple Pie Martini or Hot Apple Pie

Super simple and versatile. Just 3 ingredients. Serve hot or cold, with or without the booze.

Cinnamon Pear Gin Fizz

Perfect for brunch! A refreshing alternative to the standard Mimosas and Bellinis.

Halloween “Kiss of Death” (by Chocolate)

With Crème de Cacao, vodka, and Spearmint KISS, it's frightfully delicious. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Hot Mocha Kiss

A warming dessert drink for a cold winter day.

South Beach Catalina KISS

Orange and mint shine in this winner from Nick Monroy of Maxines Bistro & Bar at the Catalina Hotel in South Beach, Miami.

Raspberry-Mint Bellinis

Lovely for brunch, nicely balanced.

Açaí Delight

An antioxidant refresher, accented with crisp cucumber and mint.

Champagne with Raspberry KISS

An extra special cocktail for an extra special occasion, garnished with a floating raspberry.