Sparkling Apricot Mint Sour


April 2, 2016

Prosecco is the perfect complement to apricot nectar, gin, and mint. You’ll love this tasty cocktail.


Serves 8

2 cups KISS Sour Mix (recipe below)

1 cup apricot nectar

1½ cups gin

¾ cup Prosecco

Fresh mint sprigs for garnish

KISS Sour Mix:

1 cup freshly-squeezed & strained lemon juice

¼ cup freshly-squeezed & strained lime juice

¾ cup Spearmint Keep It Simple Syrup®


1In a pitcher, combine the KISS Sour Mix, apricot nectar, and gin.

2Serve well-chilled or over ice.

3Top each glass with Prosecco and garnish with fresh mint.


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