Sweet Tea Vodka KISS


April 13, 2016

No need for expensive Sweet Tea Vodka brands! Make yourself a lower cost, higher quality version. Just add a KISS to freshly-brewed iced tea along with your favorite vodka.


Freshly-brewed iced tea (unsweetened, unflavored)

Spearmint Keep It Simple Syrup®

Vodka of your choice


1Fill a pitcher ~2/3 of the way with freshly brewed tea (or use store-bought, unsweetened, unflavored tea).

2Add 2 parts of Spearmint KISS to one part vodka (e.g. 1/2 cup Spearmint KISS & 1/4 cup vodka).

3Stir well. Adjust to taste.

4Serve over ice in tall glasses.

5** Exclude the vodka for a non-alcoholic pitcher of classic Southern Tea.