Sugar Cane KISS


Sugar Cane KISS (Keep It Simple Syrup) a classic ingredient for classic recipes.

375ml glass bottle

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Sugar Cane KISS (Keep It Simple Syrup) is simple syrup without the addition of naturally infused botanicals. Many recipes just don’t need added flavor; think of classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Gin Gimlet, Daiquiri, and the Brazilian favorite, made with Cachaça, the Caipihirina.

Traditional simple syrup contains equal parts, sugar cane and water for a 1:1 ratio. We use a 1.5-to-1 ratio, for a thicker, sweeter syrup that more closely resembles Rich Simple Syrup (2:1 ratio).

Add a “Sugar Cane KISS” to just about anything: hot/cold coffee, tea, sparkling water, baked goods, savory dishes – anything that would benefit by a bit of sweetness, when stirring to dissolve sugar cane crystals simply isn’t an option!

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