Keep It Simple Cranberry Sauce | Keep It Simple Syrup
Keep It Simple Cranbery Sauce
Keep It Simple Cranbery Sauce

Keep It Simple Cranberry Sauce


November 18, 2016

Chopped walnuts, sliced green grapes, oranges, and a KISS of spearmint add a unique touch to this holiday staple.


3 12-ounce bags fresh cranberries

2 cups Spearmint-infused Keep It Simple Syrup (more or less to taste)

Zest of one orange

½ cup fresh orange juice

2 cups chopped walnut pieces

2 cups green grapes, sliced in half


1Put first 4 ingredients in a large sauce pan and cook under low heat until cranberry skins split. If you like the sauce thicker, use a potato ricer or slotted spoon to mash some of the cranberries until you reach the desired consistency.

2Remove from heat and add walnuts and grapes. Serve at room temperature.

Who would've thought to use a cocktail mixer in a star dish at your Thanksgiving table? Keep It Simple Syrup has far more uses than a winning ingredient in simple-to-make, high end cocktails. This sauce works well as an alternative to mayonnaise on sandwiches too. Enjoy it year-round!


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