Ginger Root

From the daughter of the Cocktail Artists, the Ginger Root cocktail aims to "curb the post-holiday exhaustion" and plunge us into the new year.

Keep It Simple Syrup

Holiday Sangria

Keep it light and simple with white wine. Apple cider and ginger adds holiday flavor, citrus keeps it fresh and bright.

CranGinger Shine

A simply wonderful blend of iced tea, cranberry moonshine, and ginger. Steep fresh cranberries in moonshine (or unflaored vodka) to make your own 'shine!

Fall in Time

A delightful, autumn-inspired blend of apple cider, vodka, and blood orange bitters, this recipe also blends two of our syrups: spearmint & ginger.

KISS Sour Mix

Most pre-packaged Sour Mix brands contain artificial flavors and preservatives. Read the labels! Once you taste ours, you'll know what we mean.

Mango Ricotta Parfait

Here's a tropical dessert that adapts seasonally. Garnish with a sprig of mint during spring/summer. Try a dash of spice or sprinkle of pomegranate seeds during fall/winter. Cognac & ginger syrup adds warmth.

Mango Ginger Tequila

Tropical and yet warm, thanks to the sweet and spicy combination of mango and ginger. Brighten it up with fresh lemon juice and a sprig of cilantro for a special herbal touch!

Spicy Southern Charmer

Do sweet, ripe peaches and smooth bourbon remind you of summertime in the South? Don’t be fooled by this one. The ginger, black pepper, and bitters give it a surprising hit of spice.


Enjoy the taste of summer in Peru by preparing this simple cocktail made with Pisco (grape brandy).

Gingery Lemon Drop Martini

Dressing it up by rimming the glass with crushed ginger candy adds a touch of beauty to this lip-smacking libation!

Rappahannock Mule

Dida's Distillery crafted this "Virginia version" of a classic mule, replacing Ginger Beer with Navy Hill, our Ginger KISS, and a few dashes of bitters.

Irish Whiskey Ginger

Irish Whiskey Ginger

Sweet and spicy with a hit of tart lime. Delicious year-round! Use whatever whiskey you prefer. Ginger and lime are KISS'ing cousins!

Ginger Champagne Sparkler

Toast in the New Year (or any special occasion) with a sweet KISS of spicy ginger and vodka in your flute! Great for brunch, too.

Dark and Stormy KISS

Dark and Stormy KISS

Start out by making your own ginger beer, then add a layer of tropical dark rum and a slice of lime.

Moscow Mule

This popular cocktail is simple to make! Make your own ginger beer with Ginger KISS, then add vodka, lime juice, and a wedge of lime. Don't forget the copper mug!